proper Way to Hang Clothes

Hangers On -The proper way to “hang” in a closet!

Question: I have too many clothes. I fill two entire double closets and half of another double closet. And they are crammed in there tight! I use regular plastic hangers. Is there a better way...
Closet Diet

The Closet Diet – Lose Those Unwanted Pounds of Clothes, Now!

Question:  What is your rule of thumb for deciding what clothes to keep and what clothes to donate to charity? I tend to keep everything!  It cost a fortune.” “It’s still perfectly good.” “I’ve hardly worn...
Whitening Lotion

This Lotion is Whitening Your Skin and Eliminates Freckles and Dark Spots

Eliminates Freckles This amazing homemade cream made of lemon (or apple cider vinegar) and leaves of parsley will help you clean your face of freckles and dark spots and whiten your skin, making it healthy...
Bridal Dresses

Monique Lhuillier

Wedding Dress Designer By Maria Many of you have seen Monique Lhuillier’s wedding dress designs in issues of Modern Bride, Brides, Bridal Guide, Wedding Dresses, and Martha Stewart. And if you are not in the...
Hair Color

Little Known Fact About Hair Color Everyone Should Know

There has been a trend of late for haircare manufacturers to add Mica (fool's gold) to their conditioners and styling products. Why? To magnify the surface shine to your hair. This is a great...
Skin Beauty

12 Homemade Sugar Scrubs for Clean, Soft, and Glowing skin

Everyone wants to keep the skin clean, bright and beautiful. Regular exfoliation opens clogged pores, removes wrinkles and leaves your skin clear. Home exfoliants that use sugar as an exfoliating agent are excellent. Remove dead...
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