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DIY Day-by-Day Organizer

This project is so simple, quick and inexpensive! All you need is a picture frame, stickers, a few paint chips, scissors, a permanent marker and some glue.

What is great about this project is how much flexibility you have in deciding what you want and creating something that will match your dorm décor perfectly! Once you place everything under the glass you can write on it just like you would any other dry-erase board.

First you need to find the right sized frame; I found this one on sale at a craft store. Remember, the bigger the frame, the more space you will have to make notes. Next I picked my stickers. I liked these because they were fun and had great colors. The last decision was which paint chips to choose. You can find them at any hardware store that sells paint. I compared the colors with my stickers and chose a few that coordinated. Paint chips come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, so don’t forget to take that into consideration when choosing yours. Also remember that you will probably want to cut off the labels on the chips, which will make them smaller

01. Choose the layout of the paint chips in your frame. I used the back of the white insert that came with the frame. You could also cut out a piece of colored or patterned paper the size of the frame. I tried a few different layouts but liked this one best.

02. I also tried a few lay-outs for my stickers before sticking them on. Here, everything is laid out the way I want them, but nothing has been glued down yet.

03. Use a permanent marker to write the days of the week on the paint chips and glued them into place.

04. While the glue was drying I placed my stickers on the outside of the frame.

05. To put it all together you simply put the paper with your paint chips on it under the glass in the frame (if the glass has gotten any smudges on it be sure to clean those off before putting everything together), add the backing and made sure everything is secure.

 Voila! You have a beautiful, personalized day-by-day dry erase schedule for your dorm! 

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