Let’s Get Organized

Whether your moving in two months or two weeks, getting organized is a top priority. It’s essential if you want your move to go smoothly.


Organizing all of the moving papers, receipts, and information is the first step. A binder works best because it keeps everything one place. Pockets, labels, dividers, and business card pages can be inserted to sort and access information easily. Plus, it can also hold a notebook or loose-leaf paper for note taking.

Divide the information into various categories: Here’s an example:

  1. New City
  2. Selling The House
  3. Buying A House
  4. Moving Services
  5. Notifications
  6. Receipts
  7. Schedule
  8. Checklists

Designate a spot for your binder so you’ll always know where it is, whether it be top of your home office desk, inside of a drawer, or inside a filing cabinet.

Boxes and Supplies

Designate a central packing area for boxes and supplies. Any boxes that aren’t supposed to be loaded should be kept separate from the others.

The best location for packed boxes is on the ground level so movers won’t have to walk up and down the stairs on moving day. The faster they get done loading, the less it will cost you. Just make sure this location is in a low traffic area. The dining room is an option since it’s often vacant. The basement could be used, but it’s not as convenient. You can clear some space in a room by pushing the furniture off to the side.

Place several empty boxes in each room so they’re grouped together. This allows you to pack whenever you have some free time, while maintaining access to all your belongings. Packing a little at a time is the best approach so it’s done right.

Labeling Boxes

Label each box with the room name and a number. Document the contents inside using an inventory sheet so every box and possession can be tracked. Post a sign to each room so the movers can know where everything goes. A color coded system is a fun and creative way to label.

Moving box labels are useful for this purpose. Placing a sticker on each box is preferred instead of writing the name with a permanent marker. You can also buy room labeling tape with matching colors with the box labels so everyone knows where each box belongs. You can also use colored paper as signs to tape to each room.

You can even hire among several professional house movers and packers in business bay if you live in Dubai to do all the moving work for you including packing and storing.

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