Making A Safe Room

The protected room, which is otherwise called a frenzy room, is a safe area inside a home or building that is intended to give wellbeing to families during psychological militant assaults, nature, thefts, or...
House Plants

Valentine’s Day: Say I love You with House Plants

So all you Cupid’s out there…Valentine’s Day is approaching! Many people give flowers, which I think, is a simple and thoughtful way of expressing to that special someone how you feel. There is something about...
Work Hard Rest Hard

DIY Day-by-Day Organizer

This project is so simple, quick and inexpensive! All you need is a picture frame, stickers, a few paint chips, scissors, a permanent marker and some glue. What is great about this project is how...
I read somewhere that if you choose a work you enjoy, you will never work at all. You'll just enjoy. So blogging is enjoyment for me. Of course being a mother is my 1st priority but whenever I am not with my kids, I am blogging.

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