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What we Got Wrong About Bathroom Storage

If you are wondering does bathrooms even need storage, you need some serious help. Bathrooms are among those spaces that never seem to have enough space. Though it depends on how you use your bathroom if you are a person who uses the bathroom for your morning makeup or night care routines then important of having additional storage multiplies for you. So, if you ever get a chance to remodel your bathroom, storage should be on your priority list. Always keep in mind that utility comes before luxury. Below are some mistakes you can avoid to ameliorate the situation.

Not getting enough out of Vanity

Bathroom vanities are not a very distant concept though they are not new either. However, there is no question on their productivity. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not utilizing the space they are offering to their full potential. Most people see them only as space for decoration items. On the other hand, if you use them as storage space, you can keep your extra shampoo or soaps or whatever there. Your cosmetics, daily use items won’t find a better place. Though it will be good if it could be kept away from the shower.

Ignoring Overhead Spaces

If your bathroom is small, you can not afford to avoid overhead spaces. They are not new but remain equally useful. By using bathroom cabinets and furniture in these spaces, all your extra towels or cleaning products can be stored easily. They can stretch from one corner to another and provide considerable storage space. Furthermore, they can be made less imposing and many options are available to beautify them. However, you should install them carefully for an overhead towel stand will be useful while overhead soap tray will be on the contrary.

Ignoring Bathroom Walls

We have seen that most people avoid utilizing seemingly obvious wall storage ideas. You can muster your innovative, creative skills to remodel your walls for adequate storage. Even for small bathrooms, cabinets can be designed to provide storage space in lesser imposing ways. Such cabinets can help you get rid of all the clutter in your bathroom which irritates you.

Floating shelves in dead wall spaces is another excellent idea for getting maximum functionality. The greatest advantage of shelves is that they don’t take any floor space like cabinets or cupboards.

You don’t store Smartly

It is common sense that you should keep only necessary things in your bathroom. Many people have a habit of keeping loads of unnecessary items in their bathrooms with seemingly no particular purpose. Your first step towards expanding your bathroom storage should be to get rid of all such items and keep only those that are absolutely necessary. Think for yourself, is it wise to keep a dozen towels and a carton of toilet paper rolls on your bathroom vanity.

Ignoring Mirrors with Storage

Bathroom mirrors are one such thing that can serve a dual purpose. In addition to functioning as a mirror, they can be turned into storage space too. We are not proposing you go for traditional bulky storage mirrors but nowadays you can find loads of smart mirror storage solutions. Sliding mirror doors or recessed space behind a bathroom mirror can be excellent choices.

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