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Louise Tucker is a very special and unique blog. To keep it special and unique we have some guidelines for the submission of post. If you do not fulfill these requirements we will not be able to accept your content here. Plain and simple!

What we Don’t Want Here:

  • Poorly Written Content – This is a dead giveaway. Spelling mistakes littering the piece, poor sentence structure and glaring grammatical errors.  
  • Off Topic Content – Content which doesn’t answer the topic that was pitched to you to begin with.  
  • Plagiarised Content – Content that was copied from other sources. This includes spun content and/or content which doesn’t pass  
  • Spammy Content – Content that has a target keyword consistently added to the article in an unnatural way.  
  • Underwhelmed Content – Articles which don’t add value and just don’t offer that wow factor you’re after with helpful tips and information.  

How to pitch to us

We love posting, but we do get a high volume of requests on a daily basis. As such, we prefer topic pitches over completed submissions so we can better track and more quickly respond to them. That being said, here are some best practices that will help us to respond to you faster and, if your topic is a go, get it published sooner.

  • Familiarize with the Louise Tucker blog. Read a few posts in full, and then do some skimming and exploring to get a feel for our tone and our basic format.
  • Come with ideas. We love it when you come to us with topic ideas or ideally, titles.
  • Check to see if we’ve published your topic already. If we’ve already published a similar post, consider whether you could write something more up-to-date, or approach it with a fresh angle or different perspective.
  • Tell us about yourself. If you have a specific experience or expertise that makes you the person to write this post, tell us! Also, if you have existing writing samples or publications, please share a few! But not to worry if you don’t.

What we need in your post:

  • Length should be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Include the links of reference in the article.
  • Adult, Gambling Content is not welcomed.
  • Include the name of co author if any.
  • Contact for any queries.