Hair Accessories

Remembering Your First Lot of Hair Accessories

See amazingly we are all pretty conscious or unconscious aware of our hair from an early age, males or females. It goes for decorating our hair whether with hair accessories, hats, caps, and scarf’s any headgear we can find. It goes with trends in vintage hair accessories or any style of hair accessory. If you think back over the years what you have actually put in your hair, or adorned your tresses with whether as a bridesmaid at a wedding, your prom, your own wedding, or as a teenager. The list can go on an on.

Hair Accessories

The types of hair accessories you can get, like vintage hair accessories 

  • Headbands – they have come a long way, from the tiara headband, you see a lot of celebrities wearing them (Jennifer Behr does great ones, see an earlier post). The headband has one big basic use of simply keeping your hair off your face with the added bonus of adding some style to your hairstyle. The headband comes in a variety of styles with some with beads on, feathers, ribbons, Swarovski Crystals, Rhinestone hair accessories adding to whatever style you want to make your own. Of course you can even use a scarf, like the old movie stars used to do, using the scarf as a headband to keep hair out of your eyes. 
  • Hairpins – great to keep hair all neat and tidy if you want to make a bun or all those nice wispy bit dangling down. You get some gorgeous crystal, rhinestone hairpins. 
  • Crystal Tresses – very cool for old and young, weaved through the hair with an invisible thread and magnets, stunning Swarovski crystal tresses in a range of colors. 
  • Hair Combs – again the range is huge for special occasions or everyday, you get some amazing Swarovski Crystal Hair Combs in different colors as well. 
  • Crystal Vines – very stylish especially for brides and everyday uses, all fairytale, delicate, feminine, and whimsical. Versatile as well most can be used as a necklace as well. The vintage hair accessories are the rage as well, made to look like the oldie worldly style of yesteryear. 
  • Crystal Tiaras – the much loved bridal tiara in Swarovski crystal, rhinestone, pearls, to be the princess for the day, we all have that little dream, just take that step and make it come true. 
  • Hair Extensions – like the crystal tresses they come in a range of colors, some in real hair, very easy to attach. 

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