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Maheep Kapoor -Sanjay Kapoor’s Wife

Though women by nature and nurture are very different in every culture but there are somethings which we can allot to all of them. Of all things in the whole world jewelry is commonly important for all women without any regard of culture. It may be though that each culture has unique aspects and styles of jewelry but nonetheless it holds unique importance in the attire of women.

South Asia is unique in its tastes and styles all over the world. Either you look at food, clothing or architecture this area has its distinct identity. Same goes with jewelry as women has been fond of it since early times as pieces of jewelry found from Mohenjo-Daro civilization sites has proved. South Asian jewelry is very much liked all over the world. The nature of business has changed much though. In earlier times designers were mostly simple men but now glamour has made its way into anything related to fashion.

Maheep Kapoor is a name very famous in the fashion industry of India. She is a jewelry designer and entrepreneur. She owes much of her recognition to her husband Sanjay Kapoor who is a Bollywood actor and producer. Maheep’s designed jewelry is very much appreciated in the high- end fashion circles. You may not find them to be affordable for most of the Indian people.

Born in Punjab her family shifted to Australia where she got much of her upbringing. In 1997, Maheep and Sanjay got married and then she shifted permanently to India. Her long held desire to become an actor was thwarted when her debut movie “Shivam” got cancelled. Later she also appeared in a music video but her acting career couldn’t move forward.

Her designed jewelry is often seen to be inspired from the Great Mughal Era of India. The only notable time of splendor and arts in Indian history. Her love of Mughal era jewelry is evident from the fact that she wore her grandmother’s jewelry on her wedding day, which she revealed in an interview.

Her journey of jewelry making started when she designed some for herself which were greatly admired by all. On her friends and family’s insistence she designed some for them and that’s when she decided to take it as a profession and she started working as jewelry designer for Satyani Fine Jewels. Her signature collection is “Chanbalis for Satyani Fine Jewels” was very much liked.

Later she designed jewelry for many Bollywood movies and individually for Bollywood stars. In 2013 her retail store was opened in Mumbai and in 2014 she ventured with Viva-Luxe.

Maheep Kapoor Net-Worth

Her net-worth as of 2021 stands at $10 million. Her designing talents have the greatest share in this.

Her latest venture is a Netflix reality series “Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives” in which she appeared with her other friends celebrity wives. This series provides an insight into lives of four Bollywood star wives.

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