Unhealthy Foods

Kids and Obesity

I confess that I watch a few reality tv shows. I never got into Shaq’s Big Challenge though. I never even flipped it on once and only knew the very basics about it because of the commercials for it.

Tonight I got stuck watching it because the remote in the bedroom is broken and I was on that channel while trying to convince my toddler that it was time to sleep.

Much to my shock I ended up sobbing through the first ten minute segment. And then I wanted to stand up and applaud for those six kids who lost so much weight and bettered their health.

I was shocked by what they showed in the cafeteria before Shaq got in there to make changes. The fries and pogo sticks and greasy burgers… it was insane! When I went to school, we had pizza on Friday for lunch. Other than that, our lunches were mostly uninteresting but overall pretty healthy. We could only buy juice, water, or milk – no pop. We didn’t have candy bars or sugary cookies. The closest thing to sweet that you could find was their oatmeal cookies (I still daydream about them, they were awesome cookies).

Because of my own experience, I couldn’t believe the garbage they were serving to children who need to learn all day long. It was disgusting. Once in a while is fine. I’m certainly not perfect. We eat hot dogs here for lunch sometimes. My girls have cookies for dessert sometimes. But we also eat fruit, vegetables, lean meats, yogurt, grains, all the food they need to get their proper food group intake. I’m so relieved about the school my oldest will be attending this Fall. They have a zero-tolerance policy for junk food. We have a full list of things that are not allowed and a good list of ideas of what is good to send. Off-limits: Chips, most cookies, candy, chocolate, hot dogs, etc. Suggestions: Tea biscuits, fruit,

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