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  • Tips for Handling Toddler Fears

    Tips for Handling Toddler Fears

    This would be an example of how not to deal with a child who is afraid of birds. When my daughter was about 15 months old, she developed a sudden and dramatic fear of fuzzies. Yes, you heard me right. Fuzzies by her definition included dust bunnies (which abound in my home) and hairs. We…

  • Kids and Obesity

    Kids and Obesity

    I confess that I watch a few reality tv shows. I never got into Shaq’s Big Challenge though. I never even flipped it on once and only knew the very basics about it because of the commercials for it. Tonight I got stuck watching it because the remote in the bedroom is broken and I was on…

  • Pregnancy Q&A

    Pregnancy Q&A

    Here are some questions and answers regarding pregnancy which every couple have to face. 1. How did you find out you were pregnant?During my first pregnancy I was working at an ob/gyn office as a receptionist. I was only a few days late but at the urging of my two coworkers (who were teasing more…