Work Hard Rest Hard
This project is so simple, quick and inexpensive! All you need is a picture frame, stickers, a few paint chips, scissors, a permanent marker and some glue. What is great about this project is how much flexibility you have in deciding what you want and creating something that will match your dorm décor perfectly! Once you place everything under the...

Yeast Infection

Signs: Before you can identify the right yeast infection cure, you need to know the symptoms to identify a yeast infection. Seek the advice of a doctor for a solid diagnosis. If you have any reason to be on alert, whether it be a history of chronic yeast infections or simply body irregularities, early diagnosis is key. Symptoms Of A Yeast...
Skin Beauty
Everyone wants to keep the skin clean, bright and beautiful. Regular exfoliation opens clogged pores, removes wrinkles and leaves your skin clear. Home exfoliants that use sugar as an exfoliating agent are excellent. Remove dead skin cells and maintain skin hydrated due to the presence of alpha hydroxy acid. Below is a list of 12 homemade sugar-based scrubs. 1. Coco, Sugar and...
French Cakes
Create the 4 offspring, 1 at a time, pairing thoroughly until each ovum is absolutely blended with. Leave the machine on for about 5 minutes. Measure Seven: Create one ovum yolk and whip the mixture nicely. Add one other egg yolk and also beat lots of people well. You will only use a couple of the ovum yolks. For those who...
Whitening Lotion
Eliminates Freckles This amazing homemade cream made of lemon (or apple cider vinegar) and leaves of parsley will help you clean your face of freckles and dark spots and whiten your skin, making it healthy and smooth. Parsley is full of minerals and vitamins, and its juice contains essential oils with a high content of manganese and potassium. In cosmetics, parsley has...
I read somewhere that if you choose a work you enjoy, you will never work at all. You'll just enjoy. So blogging is enjoyment for me. Of course being a mother is my 1st priority but whenever I am not with my kids, I am blogging.

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